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CETEV has 10 years of experience in tree injection and has developed Secured Micro-Injection to fulfil the needs of the environment, of society and regulatory requirements when treating trees.


Secured Micro-Injection

Secured Micro-Injection

Pourquoi le projet micro-injection sécurisée ? Pour l'environnement et la société
Vegetation treatments can no longer be applied the way they used to be.
Classical application methods such as spraying result in drift, which prevents from optimally treating the tree and represents a loss incurred by workers and by the environment.
Pourquoi le projet micro-injection sécurisée ? Pour la réglementation
Regulations have evolved and cause users and manufacturers to take into account the overall impact of treatments on the environment, users, the public. This is true whether the treatment is of natural or of chemical origin. In the case of spraying, this results in investment in more equipment, but also increases the buffer zones in and around farmland. In urban areas, spraying with chemicals is now prohibited in several countries.
Pour le projet du micro-injecteur sécurisé ? pour répondre à une absence de réponse Arbo
Technological initiatives to reduce drift exist, but very few respond to the buffer zone issue in arboriculture, where surfaces are small and buffer zones can represent up to 10% of an orchard, or 15% of a small vineyard. In urban areas when left untreated, pines, oaks, chestnut trees and box trees are perishing. A solution must be found for maintaining the trees’ role in an urban environment.

of Secured Micro-Injection

Avantages de la micro-injection sécurisée SETEV : l'environnement

By design, the micro-injection technique doesn’t lead to drift. No active ingredients find themselves elsewhere during application. 

CETEV’s Secured Micro-Injector is designed to eliminate any passage of the product into the surrounding environment, or towards the operator or the general public.

Absence of drift

No wastage on the ground

No spillage

Avantages de la micro-injection sécurisée SETEV : la sécurité

We have designed our system with the user’s safety in mind. Everything is done to avoid exposure of the user to the product during all preparation and treatment phases, significantly reducing associated risks.

No liquids need be handled

No exposure to the product

The needle is never exposed

From a technical and regulatory standpoint, spraying can only occur in limited weather conditions. Micro-injection treatments on the other hand are not dependent on weather conditions, so long as the user can withstand them !

Precise and optimal dosage

Independent of the weather

Long term protection

Clear application instructions

We have demonstrated that Secured Micro-Injection allows for the tree to recover its function in the injection area after a few months. Our system is also sensitive to pressure and will prevent potential damage to the tree, which is difficult to avoid when injecting manually. Treating with our Secured Micro-Injector is sustainable for the tree.

Controlled injection

Minimal impact

Good recovery around the point of injection

The CETEV Secured Micro-Injector keeps a record of all treatments performed. This allows the user to easily account for injected products over a period of time, to a customer or as required by regulations.



Treatment traceability


Ten years of experience

Injecting in trees has clear advantages. CETEV initially investigated the possibilities of micro-injections, through internal research and later through the PREAMISSE program.
To resolve issues with existing methods such as drilling or perfusion, injection was remodeled and developed by CETEV into Secured Micro-Injection.

Older methods required to drill a hole into the trunk prior to injecting, which is not acceptable for treating small or orchard trees over time.
Secured micro-injection uses a needle and this allows for the tree to recover its function around the injection site.

Thanks to a team composed of users, scientists, engineers and business managers, CETEV has been able to create an innovative Secured Micro-Injection system, adapted to users and product manufacturers.

Additionally, CETEV has accumulated much know-how in terms of micro-injection practice, such as the adaptability of a given product to this application method, whether of natural or chemical origin.

Initially focused on finding treatments for plane trees and pine trees, CETEV quickly started searching for solutions against pests in arboriculture, notably through the PREAMISSE program.
Through the PREAMISSE program, CETEV has demonstrated that micro-injections are able to protect pine trees from processionary caterpillars for several years after a single treatment. Moreover, very promising results were observed for treating the chestnut codling moth and apple tree aphids. Further research will follow.
Secured micro-injection also opens other opportunities which CETEV intends to investigate, for instance certain olive tree, chestnut or kiwi pests for which no efficient treatments exist today, or certain molecules ill-adapted to spraying which could be efficient when being micro-injected.

CETEV is now the owner of a family of patents and has in-depth knowledge of secured micro-injection. We intend to continue our research and development activities to further confirm our advance in this domain.
CETEV continues its research around the secured micro-injection system for the protection of trees in the different domains of arboriculture and ornament.

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