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CETEV is the Center of Expertise for Environmental and Plant Techniques.

Our team specializes in trials and innovations for Non-Crop, Horticultural and Ornemental applications. We study treatments and products that aim to maintain and preserve public recreational areas, green areas, local infrastructure and industrial sites. To obtain relevant trial and R&D data, we provide specific trial sites that reflect your product’s actual conditions of use.

expertise in non-crop & HORTICULTURAL trials

CETEV has been certified for Good Experimental Practices for a wide range of trials:

Trial sites that fit your needs

If you aim to use your product, treatment or new technology for other applications than agricultural crop, it’s highly recommended to evaluate the non-crop or horticultural application in actual use conditions. CETEV offers a testing and demonstration platform with privileged access to very specific non-crop areas:


Roads, sidewalks

Open field

Sports fields and courts

Golfing sites

Parks and recreational areas

Voie ferrée

Voirie, trottoirs

Plein champ

Terrains de sport




Green areas

Industrial sites

Complex sites

Permeable and impermeable ground surfaces

Horticulture platform


Green areas

Industrial sites

Complex sites

Permeable & impermeable ground surfaces

Horticulture platform

A wide range of study subjects

All our trials and studies are conducted on the study subject of your choice, for relevant results:



Trees, shrubs & bushes

House plants

Study targets

Our trials focus on the traditional issues of the non-crop and horticultural sector : weed control, plant protection, lawn maintenance, green space maintenance, infestation and treatment of parasites and diseases.

Weeds, spontaneous vegetation



But also …

Artificial infestation

Inocolum validation

Sample analysis

Specific cultivation methods