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Since its creation in 2006, CETEV specializes in trials for Non-Crop, Horticultural & Ornemental applications.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, CETEV offers reliable, thorough and officially recognized trials that are adapted to the highly technical requirements of this very specific sector, which follows its own set of rules.

non-crop, HORTICULTURAL & ornemental trials

more technically demanding than they appear!

For a study result to be valid and usable, it’s essential that the test site and study design faithfully reflect the final use of the tested product. Should your study protocol rely on standards for crop and agricultural trials, CETEV can make the necessary adjustments in order to fit the requirements for the Non-Crop and Horticultural sector, based on scientific recommendations and on your specific needs. All changes made to your original protocol are properly argumented and tracable.


Our trials, tests and studies are designed to fit your project and its stage of development. We help you move forward: your needs will determine whether a regulatory Good Experimental Practice (GEP) trial is required, whether we should apply the CEB or EPPO method or whether your study should be designed to give a clear and quick answer to pending questions and decisions.

CETEV is GEP-certified and conducts a wide range of trials and studies:

Depending on your goal, we help you establish a functional strategy that meets your specific needs:


Good Experimental Practice throughout your project

CETEV has been certified for Good Experimental Practices since 2009. We leverage our specific know-how in Non-Crop, Horticultural and Ornemental applications to conduct regulatory registration and homologation trials using an adapted test site platform that is located in the Mediterranean climate zone and close to the Maritime zone.


Trials to fine-tune your product

Your new formulation or technology has been validated for use, now it’s time to get into the practical details‪:


Research on dosage and optimal conditions for use

Justification of dosage & practical value

Timing of applications and dosage

Renewal of treatment

Technical specifications

Related programs


Product demonstration trials

Your product is ready to be promoted to distributors and users. Thanks to our versatile testing platform, the CETEV team helps you demonstrate your product’s use, application and efficiency under ideal user conditions.

Sales support trials

Specific and/or comparative data help you convince customers. CETEV designs the perfect trial to help you obtain the data you need to answer specific questions about your product’s use in Non-Crop and Horticultural areas.

prototype trials

Non-Crop, Horticultural and Ornemental areas are subjected to new regulations and practices evolve. To efficiently maintain green spaces or industrial sites and heal ornemental trees, shrubs, bushes and plants, innovation and alternative methods are required.

To help you develop your innovation, your company’s R&D team also requires scientific results to head in the right direction. Prototype trials may be less standardized than product characterization trials, but they still require adequate experience and scientific know-how in terms of protocol design and execution.


CETEV also leverages its experience to include arboriculture and viticulture in its range of scientific trials to help you develop and market your product.

Upstream R&D

To quickly study and validate a new technique or solution, we provide short and relevant trials with constant feedback throughout the process. The protocol and milestones are tailored to your needs in order to provide results that will guide the further development of your program and help you make the right decisions.

Prototype evaluation

CETEV can help you adapt your product to Non-Crop and Ornemental areas. We study its use in detail, whether your product is already on the market for a different application or whether it’s an entirely new invention. We provide the expertise to get you on track, with clear results for objective decisions.


Need help to develop a new idea? Don’t hesitate to visit our page on innovation. For more information on our trials and methods, don’t hesitate to contact us