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high quality non-crop & ornemental trials

The CETEV Center of Expertise in Environmental and Plant Techniques conducts trials on products, treatments and methods that will be used to maintain and protect Non-Crop, Horticultural & Ornemental areas, such as green areas, public parks, lawns and gardens, recreational areas and complex industrial sites. In terms of quality assurance, we go beyond applicable standards and regulations for this highly specific sector.

Depending on your needs, we follow the CEB or EPPO framework or use customized adaptations to meet your specific requirements with scientific robustness. We pay particular attention to selecting the right test site for your product or method so that its use can be studied in the right context and under the right conditions.


The CEB (Commission des Essais Biologiques or Commission for Biological Trials) method is the French reference for the evaluation of phytopharmaceutical products in both Crop and Non-Crop areas as well as for the acquisition of biological data for registration and homologation purposes – (


The EPPO (European and Mediterranean Organization for Plant Protection) framework provides methods for the control and evaluation on a European level. (

OUR QUALIFICATIONS & certifications

quality assurance for valid & reliable trial data

CETEV holds all the qualifications and certifications required to conduct trials on products, treatments and methods that will be used in Non-Crop, Horticultural & Ornemental areas :


The GEP certification allows to conduct trials and studies for registration and homologation purposes. Our certification covers Non-Crop areas as well as horticultural production and outdoor plants.


All team members are individually certified for the reasonable use and secure manipulation of phytopharmaceutical products.


Full confidentiality

The CETEV team guarantees the strictest confidentiality throughout our collaboration.

Our team is trained to respect full confidentiality at all times.

We establish specific non-disclosure agreements for every mission.

Respect of confidentiality is closely inspected for GEP-certification purposes.

CETEV, more than an experimental center

CETEV entertains privileged relationships with major associations in the sector:

IBMA France

International BioControl Manufacturer Association


Union des entreprises pour la Protection des Jardins et espaces publics


Association des Applicateurs de Produits Phytopharmaceutiques

Our expert team actively participates in the sector’s evolution :


In order for your study results to be valid, the efficiency, selectivity and safety of the tested products and methods must be validated in environmental conditions that represent their recommended use. CETEV offers a wide range of test sites and platforms for Non-Crop, Horticultural and Ornemental applications.