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for non-CROP & horticultural TRIALS 

CETEV helps out colleagues who need specific expertise in non-crop, horticultural and ornemental GEP and non-GEP trials.

If your company specializes in farm and agricultural crop trials, CETEV can complete your trials and include horticultural, ornemental and non-crop tests for a specific product or new technology. Throughout our collaboration, you’ll benefit from our extensive expertise in the highly specific requirements of non-crop and horticultural trials.

When you choose to work with CETEV, you’ll remain in charge of the relationship with your customer. Whether your study focuses on a specific aspect or requires a full-fledged GEP trial, we’ll work together to define its specifications according to your requirements:


In order to answer your needs, it’s essential that we fully understand your goals to provide coherent trial data. If you prefer us not to be in direct contact with your customer, please make sure that the objectives for the non-crop or horticultural part of your trial are validated with your customer.


Looking for a subcontractor who specializes in non-crop and horticultural trials? Don’t hesitate to contact us